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PariniyaCan I have unprotected sex after taking the 3rd dose of Saheli pill?Latest reply Mon 26/09/2022 13:38 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
PariniyaI had periods on Sunday(1st day) around 11 pm at night but I started taking the first Saheli pill from Monday(2nd day). Then I took the s...Latest reply Fri 23/09/2022 16:24 by: moderator love-matters2 replies
AasimBefore 3-4 days period unsafe sex can lead to pregnancy Latest reply Fri 09/09/2022 15:48 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
Kapil.tTo Aunty ji We were planning baby after 1.5 year. My age is 32 and wife is 27. After marriage, we are using condom for protection from p...Latest reply Tue 16/08/2022 17:05 by: moderator love-matters5 replies
ShreyanshiMaam mere periods 2 ko start hue the n 6 ko end hue fir maine 11 ko apne partner k sath mating krri but anjaane me C khrb hone k kaaran r...Latest reply Wed 13/07/2022 13:54 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
Vishalladhar72Ma'am mujhe 2 June ko periods huvee thee aur humne 3 aur 4 June dohh din sex kiyaa tha periods kee dhoran aurr Bina condom kee kiyaa thaa...Latest reply Wed 29/06/2022 14:58 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
raju_123I had unprotected sex with my gf, she took ipill after 4 hours I am concerned about her health. Also Should we do a pregnancy test? Latest reply Mon 13/06/2022 16:32 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
Khalifa644789Can a single dose or pill prevent pregnancy Latest reply Wed 04/05/2022 15:44 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
AminaPls how long i will concieved after one year birth contraception for noristrate injection how long it will takeLatest reply Mon 14/03/2022 15:36 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
EngelineIf I have been using morning after pills frequently in a year, can it cause infertility?Latest reply Tue 25/01/2022 14:42 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
Sunaina1Hello ma'am. Maine apne partner k saath sex kara tha January k 1st week mein. Aur emergency contraceptive pill bhi le liya tha usi din. U...Latest reply Mon 17/01/2022 13:05 by: moderator love-matters2 replies
ApratapMam meri gf ne 28 dec ko morning pill li aur 6 jan ko use bleeding start hui aur 10 din ho gye abhi bhi ho rhi hai..kya ye normal h?Latest reply Mon 17/01/2022 12:47 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
AashaAgr period night me aaye to uske dusre din saheli tablet khana suru kr skte hLatest reply Wed 12/01/2022 15:44 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
saxena18Mam uske period 24 july ko khtam hua tha aur 28 july ko sexkiya tha condom ka use kiya lekin tab bhi maine unwanted 72 diya tha, fir mam...Latest reply Mon 20/09/2021 12:22 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
Shaurya17Mam , unwanted -72 28 ko di withdrawals bleeding 10 se 16 tak hui 17, 18 ko nhi hui, par 19 , 20 aur 21 ko thodi jyda bleeding ho rhi h...Latest reply Tue 24/08/2021 16:41 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
Shaurya17Mam meri gf ke period 19 july ko shuru hua aur 24 july ko khtam hua tha aur 27 july unwanted 72 diya tha, fir mam 9 August se lekar 16 Au...Latest reply Fri 20/08/2021 16:11 by: moderator love-matters2 replies
Shaurya17Mam tab bhi kab tak theek hoga, uske period 24 july ko khtam hua tha aur 27 july unwanted 72 diya tha, fir 9 or 10 August ko din mai 6-7 ...Latest reply Sun 15/08/2021 18:09 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
Shaurya17Mam tab bhi kab tak theek hoga, uske period 24 july ko khtam hua tha aur 27 july unwanted 72 diya tha, fir 9 or 10 August ko din mai 6-7 ...Latest reply Thu 12/08/2021 14:53 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
sweta gada sweta gadaHi Mam Meri age 28 hai 2 c sec. hai 2no me 7 yrs ka gape hai hm sex k time dhyan rkhte hai but is month me 12 ko muje period aaye or 17 k...Latest reply Wed 28/07/2021 17:16 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
Asfa09Hello mam Maine unwanted-72 khai thi.. Aaj mujhe withdrawl bleeding hote hue 10 din ho gaye hai halki hai bas washroom jao tab hi hoti...Latest reply Thu 01/07/2021 14:14 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
shubh shubhLast year i met with one girl & we are good friends & that night she stayed my home & we have just after some time intimate both at that ...Latest reply Wed 30/06/2021 16:40 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
Asfa09Hello Mam, Maine unprotected sex kiya tha uske ek ghante baad hi maine unwanted 72 leli thi. Uske ek hafte ke baad se mujhe brown discha...Latest reply Mon 28/06/2021 16:34 by: moderator love-matters3 replies
demontkHello, after having sex with my girlfriend, we realised that condom break hua tha. Bhot sara discharge meri girlfriend ne bahar nikal diy...Latest reply Mon 28/06/2021 13:47 by: Patient252 replies
Arun101010Main jab masturbation krta hu to mere panis ki chamdi piche ho jati hai jiske karan mujhe dard hota hai please bataye main kya karuLatest reply Tue 25/05/2021 16:42 by: moderator love-matters2 replies
hostaHello, I have a question about using multiple birth control types at the same time. I recently got Paraguard, the Copper non-hormonal I...Latest reply Wed 05/05/2021 15:00 by: moderator love-matters1 reply