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Neelu007My regular periods date is 27 every month. i had unprotected sex on 21July,today is 24July what are chances of getting pregnant?Latest reply Mon 25/07/2022 11:14 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
UjunwaPlease l took follicle Injection and HSG injection last March 10 days after my menstruation for several days and the follicle will not br...Latest reply Sat 30/04/2022 16:06 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
PranavGuptaHi Aunty ji I am pranav, actually i have a mami ( mother's sister in law) , she is approx 44-46 year old now and i am 28. Actually she b...Latest reply Thu 10/03/2022 17:23 by: PranavGupta3 replies
ratanlalmundaक्या माहवारी समाप्त होने के ठीक बाद सेक्स करने से गर्भ ठहर सकता है क्या?Latest reply Tue 22/02/2022 13:24 by: moderator love-matters2 replies
ratanlalmundaनमस्ते आंटी ज़ी! आज एक प्रश्न फिर से। मेरी वाईफ को शादी के बाद पीरियडस् क्रमशः 25जून(35दिन का), 30 जुलाई(40दिन का), 8 सितम्बर(40 दिन का),...Latest reply Mon 21/02/2022 17:16 by: moderator love-matters3 replies
MJvdwGood day I had the Implanon nxt inserted 3 years ago, its been almost a month since it has expired. I feel low on energy and having stom...Latest reply Mon 07/02/2022 11:10 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
AjeetKumarDear Ma'am_ Maine apni fiancee ke sth first time sex kiya ,sex protected tha pr usi time kuch der Without protection bhi kiya,sex date ke...Latest reply Wed 29/12/2021 13:30 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
Swetha1437madam my girl friend and me done unprotected sex on October 30 then in November 22 nd her period date she did get periods then we test ho...Latest reply Tue 28/12/2021 15:50 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
JaneleoI had unprotected sex after 3 days of my period should I expect a baby??Latest reply Tue 28/12/2021 15:47 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
lizzyboniaHello Aunty Ji I am feeling abnormal and my period circle has changed and besides i did not see my flow completely, I have done pregnancy...Latest reply Mon 15/11/2021 15:33 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
PranavWhat is the differrence between a mans with small Testies and a man with big Testies ? Is big testies show good male fertility and more ...Latest reply Tue 09/11/2021 17:19 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
PranavHow much time after giving birth to baby a mother can supply milk though her breast. Is it for forever or breast stops producing milk aft...Latest reply Mon 08/11/2021 16:31 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
Mrs._AbuzarSex ke next day se Stomach cramps ho rha h or frequent urination ho rha h or vomiting ka mnn karra h ... Kya pregnancy ka change hLatest reply Tue 12/10/2021 17:07 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
BharathiMy menstruation cycle 22 days but this month periods come after 30days and very very less bleeding am newly married girl. Is any changes ...Latest reply Tue 03/08/2021 16:43 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
Swetha1437Madam something White liquid is camed out and my periods are also missed on 21-07-21 and frequently urionation daily 6 -8 times and food ...Latest reply Mon 26/07/2021 12:49 by: moderator love-matters5 replies
jackky007 jackky007Good morning mam, Mam mere biwi ki period cycle 30 days ki hai, N uski period date thi 29 June but uske period nai aye, lekin 3 tari...Latest reply Fri 09/07/2021 13:06 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
Amitkumar Amitkumarmam meri sali ki shadi ko 3 sal ho gye unki shadi hmare sath hi hui thi vo bache ke liye try kr rhe h bhuto ke pas dwayi kha chuke h vo s...Latest reply Mon 05/07/2021 15:10 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
NNNN555mam maine kal sex kiya per jiyada ter tak kar nhi paya. aur mera dhar bahot patla hai. kya patle dhat se baby hota kya? aur ling me erect...Latest reply Tue 22/06/2021 15:54 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
Rajiv1501Madam ji main aur meri wife ek month se pregnancy plan kr rhe h aur hm logo ne last month bina protection k sex kiya lekin is month meri ...Latest reply Wed 05/05/2021 16:30 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
ashu_on_the_top ashu_on_the_topHello Aunty Ji, Meine mere gf ke sath without condom sex kiya aur 2 time discharge bhi hua aur usi din usko unwanted 72 bhi diya to phir...Latest reply Mon 26/04/2021 12:42 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
KeshWhat food and all u prefer in 1.5 month pregnancy? Wt should not to eat?Latest reply Tue 13/04/2021 13:15 by: moderator love-matters1 reply
Raj Kumar Modi Raj Kumar ModiHello "Mam" Mam mera ek sawal hai Kyi mahino se mujhe Jaanna hai, कुछ महिलाओं को बच्चा नहीं होता है लंबे समय तक तब वो कोई बाबा के ...Latest reply Sun 03/01/2021 17:13 by: moderator love-matters2 replies
GiraseHum 3 month se sex kr rhe he lekin wife ke period abhi tak aa rhe he kya kre humLatest reply Fri 18/12/2020 11:10 by: moderator Kiran Ki Rai1 reply
Elavarasi Palani Elavarasi PalaniWe had a sex till 16 days in my circle. My period average cycle is 29 days. We are planning for pregnancy and I m feeling few pre pragnan...Latest reply Sat 17/10/2020 14:51 by: moderator Gulutips1 reply
mrk123 mrk123My wife getting periods 2-3 days before every time. But last month she missed her periods and we expected she is pregnant. But after 8 da...Latest reply Sat 17/10/2020 11:51 by: moderator Gulutips1 reply