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Community Guidelines

‘Let’s Talk’ is a discussion board that allows people to engage and ask questions about love, sex and relationships. These guidelines are here to help create open discussions and an informative environment for people to engage on aspects of sex and sexuality. This may include controversial, illegal, and/or taboo subjects, moderators will not allow violent and/or abusive posts.  We ask members to act with respect, sincerity and decency.
We ask all of our members to please register with us before posting to ‘Let’s Talk!’. This allows us to maintain and nourish a safe community where people can talk about sensitive issues. We only ask for a valid email address,  no other information is required. Love Matters values your safety and privacy and also offers options for members who would like to post anonymously.

Violation of our Community Guidelines may result in temporary or permanent termination of your account, please read more in our Forum Rules.

Forum Rules

Love Matters aims to create a safe and engaging platform for people to engage with each other and experts on sexual health and relationships.
 To do this, we need everyone to follow the same basic rules:
• No rude, insulting, threatening or inflammatory posts
• No personal attacks
• No rants, venting or use of hate speech (determined by moderator)
• No advertising, spamming, solicitation or commercial self-promotion
• No posting of lewd comments or photographs
• This is not a dating site and is not the place to post personal information or seek dates
If you see any post that goes against our Community Guidelines [link] or Forum Rules please flag it for our moderator.


When a post is flagged it will alert our moderator to examine and deal with it appropriately.

Please ask your questions clearly and try to tag them correctly. The easier your question is to find, the more answers you will receive.  An example of tagging below:

If your question has already been asked by another user the Moderator may move or remove redundant posts.
The moderators’ word is final and they have the right to edit and remove posts. To ensure transparency, all edits and removals will be noted and visible to users.

Please do not start multiple conversation thread on the same query. You can use your query thread to continue the discussion with the Moderator and other users. Multiple queries will be deleted by the Moderators.


If your post has been flagged for breaking any of our forum rules:
1)  You will receive a warning via email and your post will be edited or deleted
2)  Upon a second infraction you will receive a 2nd warning via email
3)  A third offence will lead to 3rd and final warning
4)  Your fourth and final incident will lead to a temporary suspension or permanent ban at moderators’ discretion.
5)  Repeated offenders may be banned from the discussion board entirely
The moderators’ word is final and all judgments based on our Community Guidelines and Forum Rules.


Do I have to register?
No. You do however, need to make sure that you post with a valid email address. This is to maintain our Forum Rules. Love Matters values your safety and privacy and also offers anonymous options for members who would like to post.

Will my name show when I post?
If you are a guest user then your post will show up as anonymous. Otherwise, when you make an account with us you can choose to use  your name or other username. Feel free to adjust your name in your account page.

How can I report an inappropriate post?
If you see any post that goes against our Community Guidelines or Forum Rules please flag it for our moderator.


Can I edit my posts?
No. Once a question has been posted it will remain there unless the moderator agrees it should be removed or edited. You can contact the moderator at [email protected] .
Moderators have final say.
Not finding the answer?
Having technical issues? Questions about our community guidelines or forum rules?
Contact us at [email protected]