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Posted by Shashigang

33 years male...divorced..had sex regularly, when i was with my wife...no sex, since last 4-5 years..only handjob...
Will it impact my sex life further, as there is a big gap now in sex... whether earlier i was fully active in sex ?

moderator love-matters

Shashigang puttar,
No, it wont. Masturbation is actually a very safe way to control your sexual desires and it does not cause any problems. Think of it as - you have been cooking earlier for so many years - and now someone else does for you. But that does not mean you have forgotten your skills right? You will still be able to cook if given a chance! Right? I hope you understood my analogy. So keep enjoying your masturbation without any stress. And when you get the right partner, you will be absolutely okay! Don't worry! https://lovematters.in/en/making-love/ways-to-make-love/masturbation-top...