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Posted by Ashu711

8 years relationship (5 years live in). We both knew since beginning that we cant get married ( castism) and had already agreed to that. We decided to live whatever time we had, with happines and say easy goodbye when the day comes. Now soon she gotta marry in few months. She became practical ( bhale hi majburi me) Im devastated anyhow from this. Now the only and only solution to my pain that comes to my mind is that i also get married or atleast start searching for someone so that i could get busy and we both can say easy good byes ( from with sides this time). But im confused. What should i do.

moderator love-matters

Ashu711 beta,
I know it must be really difficult for you. This time is really challenging when you have to move on. Is there no way at all that you guys can be together? If no, then yes, doing things like traveling, changing a job, making new friends on Tinder or otherwise can be a good option and will definitely help you to move on. But beta marriage - I would say think twice. I mean, are you mentally ready to accept someone as your life partner after all that you are going through. The decision to get married should be taken when you know someone closely, are in love with each other, are mentally ready for commitment and tons of responsibilities for future - and also ready to spend the rest of your life with that person - these are the right reasons for marriage. Not because you want to move on!
Just indulge into some me-time to get your emotions in place. Take a short holiday and return only when she is a married woman. It might give you some closure. Or go take up a short course or something you have been planning to do since a long time. Okay puttar, I will tell you a secret. Do you know that break-ups are actually a perfect recipe for a radical makeover? It is the perfect time to focus on fitness, get a new hairstyle or even invest into a chic new set of clothes. Do something for your own self. Let me help you more puttar ji. Can you think of any old hobby or any old plan that you forgot about? Well, now is the time.
All the best beta, keep talking - it helps.