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Posted by Pranav

Aunty ji i have a question from you that if a husband has big penis, will he have any advantage in satisfying his wife? Don women get turned on seeing the husband with big penis? Will the big penis size have any advantage? And i am very sorry if anyone have small penis and think that i am insulting them i know that small penis dont have disadvantage but i want to know advantages of big penis during sex

moderator love-matters

Pranav puttar,
Size doesn't matter. Most women DO NOT get an orgasm with penetrative sex. You either have to go down on them ( have oral sex) with them or use your finger to massage their clitoris to give them orgasm/pleasure. Some women do get turned on by bigger penis - but that's about it! A man with small sized penis can also have sex in the same way just as a man with bigger penis. What matters to a woman is how much a man is concerned about her likes/dislikes during sex, her pleasure, her orgasm. You can check some of the links on how to get woman to orgasm - https://lovematters.in/en/female-orgasms-everything-you-want-to-know
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