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Posted by john016

Aunty ji, my sister In law and I like each other(no one knows in my family) .the problem is her elder brother(2nd brother) he is my best friend but he is a bad guy every time he scold his sister(my sister in law) a bitch every time for no reason.i told him not to But he never listen.
But today my sister in law came to me and said something that last night when she was alone in her house with her 2nd elder brother he asked her to allow him to touch her body and asked sex.she refused and scolded him then he beaten her then closed her door.
As she told me that I was filled with anger and pain in my heart (I want to kill that bastard )
I suggested her to tell with her elder brother or I'll tell him. As my mother in law loves my brother in law (2nd one) and she never believes her. But she took a promise from to not to tell my Brother In law (1st one) .what should I do?? I want to teach him a lesson..... Plz give me solution to this problem??? Note: my father in law and mother in law are separated not living together

moderator Gulutips

Dear john16,
We understand that you want to help your sis-in-law, but it is for her to decide of how she wants to tackle the problem. It is her own brother who is asking for sexual favours? You rushing out to help her can make the problem severe. It is actually her husband who should be the one supporting her, understanding her and questioning his brother. Also you could distance yourself from your best friend, because he doesnt seem to believe in you as well. Support your sis-in-law to speak to her husband, and then let them handle the situation.
If there is something that we have missed then write to us again. Thanks, All the best.