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Posted by Anonymus

Auntyji, i am about to get married. So i have a question about sex. Can we have the intercourse/foreplay in a way like we see in the porn movie like sucking boobs, vagina etc. Do things like these happen in real life and that too for indian couples. Will the girl cooperate if i do such kind of things. I talked to many people about this, but no one gave me a proper answer. I feel very shy and guilty to ask such questions to anyone else. Please help me. Please

moderator Mod_Satya

Dear Anonymous


Some people use porn to spice up their sex life - or just for entertainment.. which is OK, but it is not OK to develop expectations from yourself or from your partner, based on what you see in porn. Porn is acting plus clever editing. You will not think of imitating a Bollywood stunt scene for the same reason?

But yes, with clear consent and active participation of your partner, you may explore intimacy (or sex) within the limits of safety- from the perspective of health and contraceptive needs. For example- good personal hygiene before oral sex may not be shown in porn but is a very common sense requirement. Right?

These links will tell you more about the various ways, you can give and receive pleasure- SAFELY:

Lastly, good communication before, during and after sex is critical; it makes sure that both partners are enjoying what they are doing. Focus on giving pleasure - That is the trick:

So, dont forget to ask this question from your wife too, in a thoughtful/ innovative way..

Thank you and best wishes
From all of us, Love Matters India