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Posted by Jaydeepsinh00711

Auntyji i'm masturbate every day,is it right? is it affect my future life after married life?
and one another thing is i want to enlarge my penis length and want to increase grith how i do it without go to doctor or any operation? also want to whightenmy penis how i do it?


how to make my penis straight it is too curved please please please help me.

moderator Mod_Satya

Dear Jaideep

There are no easy or safe ways to change the size, shape, thickness or color of penis. Good news is- there is no need for this at all! Women care more for other things - like your overall approach to sex (whether you care for her or not?), sensitivity and a sense of humor etc. In any case these things do not affect sex or the fertility (ie, birth of a child through sex). So, relax!

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Masturbation is a common, safe and healthy activity. It has no adverse effect on your future married life. Check these links too:

Thank you and Happy new year, 2016
From all of us,

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