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Posted by armaan01

Dear Auntyji,
Namaste- Hope you are doing great. I am very glad to know that we both are living in Gurugram and in future I'll definitely try to meet you.
I am Armaan 33+ age. I am still virgin and didn't had sex. In peak morning my penis getting erect, think, and long and in daytime it is like that maximum time. Sometimes, I feel craving for sex but then will divert my mind to work and felt normal. But after sometime, the penis started getting again long, thick, erect like a pillar. To keep it low, I then masturbate and penis behaves normal but after half an hr, it again stand tall like a pillar. Please suggest me why it happens as it feel me embraced sometimes.
If possible, can you give me your mob no so that whenever we have time, I can tell clearly in talk as sometimes we can't express things in words. I sometimes feel that m penis wants to get inside vagina as its craving all time.
Since I am a certified professional masseur and I have served lots of women here and during my service, I tried my best to keep cool, and the moment I get back to my home, all it happens. May be it happens as I touched lots of women to give them massage but I don't think so.....

Hope you help me out and I will be very very thankful. Will love to invite you my home soon when situation becomes better. Its my honor to serve you Aunty ji.

moderator Bombay Sapphire

H Armaan01 - Thanks for writing in such detail.
To begin with Auntyji is a different platform and this another- but we will convey your Greetings to the Auntyji Team.
Also we are an online platform - so while the office may be in Gurugram - no one team really sits there - its mainly an Admin Office.
The situation you are sharing is fairly common - Morning erections can be due to increased sexual desire or even REM - do read about both.
As you may know Mastubation is a way of out of this situation so no problem there either.
Yes heightened sexual desire may well be the cause of getting erections as well - however I am sure you are well aware of professional ethics in the field as well - you are after all, ""a certified professional masseur"" so surely yu have an idea how to mange your own body and reactions.
Please read this. Thanks you again for your warm words of appreciation.