Posted by jazz

Dear mam,

Now m in big trouble 3 days ago my girl friend said that she has a feeling of betraying her parents after 5 years of relationship. She lives in a village i told her about to upgrade her dressing sense now she fought with me on basis of i don't like her. She is thinking I like high society girl but in fact i was upgrading her so doesn't have to embarrass herself. Its more than a week she is not responding to my message or calls and completely blaming myself for this pain and hurtness. She is about to breakup what should i do and before she is behaving like she is doing favour to me by talking to me. Before these things she is asking for govt job to get married and m in engage in corporate and starting my business. She is no mood to listen what should i do?

Please help


Right! No mood to listen is not a solution oriented approach - is it.
Now while she may have not liked your method of saying what you did about her clothes - no one does - she still may need to listen. You can apologise for hurting her - if so she feels . Now how can you get a govt job - or any job for that matter? How can you promise her anything if its beyond your own reach - that is just very silly an over demanding
Jazz - something in what you are saying is not sounding so good. She is doing you a favour by talking to you? Is this an example of any equality? Not at all.
So if she has so many complaints from you - maybe she can leave you alone for a while - take a break both of you. Let her figure out if she wants to be with you or not - also maybe its time to be clear what you can offer her and what Not.
Hope things work out - but if they dont - well - thats Ok too. Don't take the guilt.
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