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Posted by jackie

Hello Aunty Ji First of all i want to say u that u r so sweet u r so cute.
Aunty ji my question is when i m get married i want to fuck my wife with condom or without condom plzz can u tell me

moderator Bombay Sapphire

Thanks very much Jackie, you do know that there are many Moderators, but we all are taking your kind words, together!!

So are you asking whether to use a condom or not? We will always say YES , each time, new one,each time different one, colored one, flavored one, any one but definitely, Use one.
We also believe that if you begin to use a condom in the beginning days of your sex life, it becomes a happy habit. You remain stress free from pregnancy, you can use it during periods ( if she is Ok with it) , you can use it to help delay ejaculation!!

Safe sex is sexy sex!!