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Hello aunty..
mai 27 year old male hu and i have cousin sister. before her marriage i was in sexual relation with my cousin sister. uski shdai ke baad usne mere sath physical relation tod diya or mane bhi force nahi kiya. after 2- 3 month of marriage, she found that her husband has many affairs and she talked to him but no result. now my sister again want to enjoy life with me. should i go again

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goodlife puttar,
If her husband has relationship with many girls, she should think of separating from him and living a better life by being independent, getting a job ( if she does not have already) and planning her life ahead rather than living in that marriage. What will she achieve by restarting sexual relationship with you? Will you give her a sense of security? Will you not go ahead and marry someone else in a couple of years? Then why do you have to spoil her life by asking her to be in a relationship and in an unhappy marriage? Help her come out of it and live an independent life. https://lovematters.in/hi/news/it-ok-marry-my-cousin