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Posted by rajuw123

hello auntyji
i am 24 year old guy. i live in maharashtra.. in past days i got in relationship with my cousin sister dur ki mausi who is 23 year old. before getting in relationship. we dont even know each other. she came to live in my cousins home. there we meet . after we exchange numbers then she came to me and praposed me. i rejected her but later on i also fall in and i accept her. the we got in relationship. later on i found that she is cheating on me and she had an relationship with other guy since 4 years. she just want relationship with me for fun. we done all the sexual stuff together but when i got she is cheating on me the i brock with her. later on i fount that my cousin sister is on wrong way with her. i told my sister that be with right person dont go on wrong way with wrong person. later on i found that my ex gf and my cousin sister are good friends and shares everything. i found that my ex shared all things which we do while doing sex. later on i asked my cousin sister that is she vergine. she told that she is not. she told me that she loose her verginity with one my cousin brother .. i told her not to do that again. she again told that she does not have control about that and she was blackmailed by another cousin too.
after some time she told to my ex that she had feeling about me.. when my ex told me that she is attracted with u. then i stated thinking about her.
i know its wrong to have relationship or have sex with cousin. but she is sexually addicted..
i want an relationship but i want life time. she just want sex.
seriously aunty ji i dont want to sleeep with her. i agree that i was attracted when i found that she had an crush ...
aunty ji please guide me what i do ??

moderator Bombay Sapphire

Rajuw123, frankly I am very confused about who is sleeping with who and who is related to who.
Let me try
You are involved with your ""cousin sister dur ki mausi"" - right? And you both have had sex, and she goes and tells your other cousin? You also now know that she was having sex with another of your cousins? And you want her to be your partner - but she is keen on sex only just now - with you and others?
OK. Now. If she is a door daraaz ki rishtedaar - like some third or fourth removed - she is not really a cousin. So relax. But here is the issue
you all know about each others love and sex life a little too much You all seem to be engaged with one cousin, again, a little too much. Everything as it appears is a little too mixed up.
Step back, My fried. As is your expectations and desires from life, dont match with her - what she wants and what you do - are very different. So time to reconsider. I will also suggest you all set some boundaries and stop sharing so much personal and intimate information with each other - for some time now.
Like aforementioned - your writing is not clear - so please do write back - if you want to to.


She is my uncle's daughter .
Like she is mere papa ke bhai ki ldki.
And now she want to sleep with me.

moderator Bombay Sapphire

So that's not a far off relationship - that's really like a sister- she is your chacha/ kaka daughter your first cousin. Anyways - perhaps you have missed reading the last para above. Apart form being a close sister - she also is very different from you and your expectations don't match at all. She wants to sleep with you...you want to be with her for life - another outstanding expectation - she also has other relationships.. within your family. Its really quite messed up - as said before - take a step back.


Ok thank you so much antyjii..