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hello friends… my self Pooja and I 34 year old and unmarried due to family problems. I have cousin brother who is 30 year old and we have spend our childhood together and we are open to each one means we share everything. we are working together also. when we start our business he propose me and I accept it but marriage is not possible. I allow him for kissing only and touch my parts but not nude sex. I also like him and now he want to have sex with me as wife. should I go for it if yes what precaution should I take


जब आपने kiss करने दिया तब सोचती इस टॉपिक के उपर अब कोई दिक्कkअत नही वैसे आप दोनो cousineबहन हो तो सोचने वाली बात है

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Parivar ke kisi sadsya ke saath sex hamesha chunauti bhara hota hain. Iss par ye article padhein aur soch samajh ke decision lein - https://lovematters.in/hi/love-and-relationships/sex-within-the-family-p...