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Posted by criminal boy shooter

Hello Good Evening Aunty ji..!
I'm Hitesh Sheoran. I wanna consult my personal problems with you. You can give me any privacy.
I have some personal private problem.
I'm never do sex with any girl till now.
Im masturbated(hastmethun) many time so im feel now week in sex.
And I think my penis is little so u can give me any tips for improving penis in size n sex performance


Dear Hitesh

Masturbation is a safe and easy method to find pleasure and explore your sexuality. A little tiredness after masturbation is natural. But if you are feeling weakness- then, it could be because of other reasons. Are you getting enough sleep? Do you go to gym or do some other workout every day? Are you eating a balanced diet? All this is important for good health and to feel energetic through out the day. Regarding penis size, it is said that even 2 inches is enough to please your GF and to father a child! So, please dont worry on that count. Check these links for more understanding:

https://lovematters.in/en/news/penis-sizes-no-rocket-science (check the video on this page!!)


Thanks for getting in touch,

Feel free to get back if you still have a doubt,


Actually aunty ji
Im lost my sperm. When im dOing masturbation so im not get any sperm


Dear Hitesh
Masturbation ke samay jo virya nikalta hai, use dekh kar koi nahi bata sakta ki usme sperm hain ya nahi. Fir bhi aapko agar shaq aur fikr hai to doctor se raay le lein.