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Posted by Iamsam

I am facing this problem from sometime. Actually during lockdown we shifted to this rented apartment because of our house's renovation is going on. So since then I sleep along with my parents and share the same bedroom. It started few months back when I accidentally woke up around 1-2am and saw my parents doing sex, which I was not supposed to. And since then I feel disturbed seeing that incident. We still share the same room. My parents have some dirty talks , my mom wears that nighty and the zero light stays on. I tried hinting them by either coughing or changing my side but I think I disturb them because they get angry and don't talk properly to me on the next day. And I saw them sometimes but everytime I stayed numb. Moreover they still keep condoms under the bedsheet. What can I do? My house might take some more months to complete.

moderator Bombay Sapphire

Iamsam - how old are you? Over say 10? Perhaps yes. So frankly its you who has to find another place to sleep - the sitting room/ hall maybe?
This is their personal matter and no one can interfere - definitely when you are of a grown up age - you need to have some idea of their and your own privacy - yes? It woudl be better if they were to suggest it themselves - but well...
All the best, Iamsam.


Firstly thank you for response, I am finally able to discuss this with a mature person. Im 21, You must be thinking what kind of boy I am to discuss such thing but I thought only here I could get solution.
I had my own room earlier but because of this temporary shifting I have to share the room. Neither does my parents care for my privacy and not even their own, mom sometimes changes in the very same room in my presence. The heavy breathing and those talks kind of gave me excitement and nervousness together, since few months.
I will have to adjust and sleep in hall only(without ac) to avoid that stuff for the next few weeks.

moderator Bombay Sapphire

And please do read our request of keeping this in one place. Thanks. All the best.