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Posted by Ishan.Sharma

Hello from last 2 days i was with my sisters house where i met a lady who also having 2 kids of my age and the main problem is i was there for my sister and also through that the other lady as a sister it was cleared in my mind and i never thought that like date or sexually committed. I simple touches her feet and took blessing and after few hours i bought a quarter of brandy for my nephew because he was sick from 3 days. So that lady drank that brandy and finished it into half and the hangover started to her. She forgot i touched her feet for blessing and she said to me a younger brother and but while on hangover she was out of control and grab my hand my sat with me on my sisters bed and start kissing me on my face and in front of my sister and i was uncomfortable i was tried to get off but she hold me tighter and don't want to leave me. She said she never said to me a younger brother and she never thought like that before drunk. She started kissing me i was helpless and my sister just looked pissed off on me. But wasn't my fault because i didn't hold her my sister also tried to set me free from her but after that i grab my keys and start my bike for heading to home. That lady starts shouted at my sisters home and did all the mad activities and i talked to my sis that night for those activities. Next day the hangover out and she stays to my sisters home and waiting for me. This time i was prepared to talk to her and told her what she did with me but she remembered everything in details and she wasn't felt guilty. She started again on me this time i was with her and just to talk and clear things and finish it off. But she started again and this time i stuck there but somehow i managed but she kissed me after that i feel guilty from 2 days and because it wasn't my fault but still i accept its all my mistakes why i met with my sister these 2 days why bought a brandy for my nephew. Its a third day and i still feel guilty and wasn't able to sleep. Tomorrow i will go to my sister house because everyone is angry on me and i have to face this circumstances has been made by me. Why these things happens with me everytime i never recalled it or thought about this.

moderator Bombay Sapphire

Ishan - this a very odd situation actually.
You brought the barandy - for a purpose - lets say even if you brought it to drink yourself or others.
What the lady does when she gets high, is entirely her activity and responsibility - not yours by any chances.
Why is your sister mad at you - thats a bit off tangent You are not at all responsible what a person does after getting drunk - you were most embarrassed and you left the situation - what more can you do?
Why do you need to apologise - the lady does - she put you in a very difficult and uncomfortable position - actually
What is your mistake? You brought brandy? Ok - so if you were to bring 5 kgs of Mithai and she eats it all and falls sck - is that your responsibility?
However - your going over the next day - her kissing you again etc - that is a bit dicey. Because you went alone, something sexual happens - you did not leave the situation - that can be seen as something of an agreement isn't it? Be careful now on and read the situation more sensibly - may help you bit more. No need to feel guilty nor responsible for something you have not done - but yes - time to take some responsible actions and not get swept away with the situation.