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Posted by Leo82

Hello LM! Greetings of the day! My GF whom I met a couple of months back says she never gets a feeling or feels anything even for simple things like a Kiss! She is 37+!! She was recently diagnosed with a Thyroid and taking Homeopathy treatment for it! What could be wrong while she talks about it openly but feels no urge to do it in real life! How can she get over it? Please help me to ask her if she needs any help from a Dr. or whom to approach to resolve this issue? Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you Aunti Ji!

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Leo82 puttar,
Its ok. Not everyone wants to have sex or have these feelings. One reason could be thyroid but if that is under control then maybe sex is not her cup of tea - she could be asexual? Do read about it here - https://lovematters.in/en/asexuality-does-exist


The articles on asexuality are scientific. I feel for the situation. It's quite natural to expect good sexual response from girlfriend. Trying lovemaking with kissing and caressing may have some responses.