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Posted by rajuw123

Hello mam
I had a relationship since 3 years ..
Before this lockdown we Brock up..
As early since January we I m facing too much problems in my life.
She always been aggressive about relationship like if we fight then always Brock up with me and block me.
Last time.
She do the same thing we quaral .. this time I blocked her and I sweared on her like.
U don't have sense sudhar ja bla bla bla.
It's like gali galoch.
But not much.
But after that she blocked me and brocked up with me forever.
Mam when we r in relation we talk like we r husband wife.
She promised me like she never leave me in any situation.
Mam the problem is she also do that gali galoch when we fight and when I m wrong..
Mam I am convincing her since 3 months .
I message her daily .
Mam I seriously love her n I know she also love me.
But she is not even responding my messages
Mam she don't even want to talk me.
I tried all ways to convince her.
She is from pune n m from aurangabad .
N because of this lockdown m not able to meet her and convince.
Mam what should I do.?
Mam please guide me to bring her back ..
I know it's mine fault this time.
But mam I seriously love her.
Please help me mam .
I cannot leave without her

moderator Gulutips

Dear rajuw123,
Friend, see, there seems to be a pattern... she and you both get into fights and then use expletives and bad words for each other. Now , she may be wanting to take a break, as it is there is lockdown, so meeting is not possible, also she might want to use this time to think matters over. Some relationships do not head beyond a certain stage. You have tried convincing her, she isnt responnding, so you take some time off too, how about not messaging her for 10 days, and see if she gets back? If she doesnt then may be she is ready to move on. You can try this out. Break up is a difficult time in ones life but one can come out of it. Take a deep breath and see what you can do to help yourself. https://lovematters.in/en/love-and-relationships/breaking-up/why-your-br...
All the best. Do wite to us whenever you feellike it. take care dost.


I tried that I didn't messaged her for 10+ days but still she didn't replied..
Mam what about promises.
She might forget that but how do I ..
Mam I know it's mine fault but m ready fix it what do I do to get her back.

moderator Bombay Sapphire

So the other pattern when we dont get what we want is - self blame - anything t get her back. But the truth also is Rajuw123, that you both were not doing well since Jan, before the lock down. Now in the lock down - we did not go out or meet anyone - or anything - so actually you have been out of contact from everyone which may be the reason why you want to go back to her. It seems as if she is not so interested - we do not know she still loves you - anyways she has blocked you so how are you sending her messages - she cant get them anyhow
You both have abused each other - but you are apologising, she is not - what does that show you?
What do you understand by this. If she wants to end the relationship - of 3 years - she must tell you - ignoring and not responding is not vry fair actually. Prepare yourself.