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Shreyas Zakhariya
Posted by Shreyas Zakhariya


My wife's cycle is mid of the month but it is been a week she did not get her periods, we test pregnancy early morning 3 times in various days but it shows negative all the time. I don't what is the issue can you suggest what to do??

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moderator Gulutips

Dear Shreyas Zakhariya,
So, you are saying that its been a week that your wife has missed her period and you have checked with the home pregnancy test , which is negative, right. so, it is likely that her period is delayed and she is not pregnant. Sometimes periods are delayed. It may be due to hormonal changes , tension and stress can also play a role in delaying periods. So wait and watch.
Also do understand how her period cycle is , how many days, , is it always regular, or sometimes irregular, Read more on period. https://lovematters.in/en/our-bodies/female-body/faqs-period, Do write to us again, if you have more questions.