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Posted by Robin

Hello team !
we are newly married couple. actually i want to ask.... How to molest her. Main boht koshish karta hu foreplay bhi karta hu fingring bhi karta hu But wo utejit hi nai hoti. Main kaafi coprate kar raha hu fir bhi woh pta ni kyu dar rahi hai. jab bhi kuch karta hu usko ghabrahat hone lag jaati hai

moderator Mod_Satya

Dear Robin

Molesting anyone is not a good idea. Good sex is based on mutual attraction, consent, communication and participation. The relationship between two of you may get soured for a long long time to come. You yourself might feel bad afterwards..
It may be better to give her more time; She may have other issues or cause for worry; try and help her with those concerns. Marriage can be big leap for many women.
Till she is ready, both of you may want to explore non-penetrative sex, like "outer-course".
Spend some more time getting to know each other. Check these links:


Hope you will take a course of action, which you will always feel good about,

Thank you and Happy new year, 2016
From all of us,

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molesting is crime. refrain urself frm it. u cn wtch porn together. talk openly to her.