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Posted by AKAM

We are married for 6 months and trying to conceive since few months. When we have sex he is not ejaculating inside. Therefore he has to masturbate for ejaculation and then insert again,i doubt whether this helps.
Recently i read about delayed ejaculation but we came to a conclusion that it is not delayed ejaculation, because he ejaculates when he masturbates,but he needs his underwear to masturbate. I think it's the friction from the underwear thats helping him climax.
Is there any way to solve this and help him ejaculate inside me naturally during intercourse.
Kindly help.

moderator love-matters

AKAM puttar,
No, ejaculating outside will not help in pregnancy. For pregnancy to happen, he. has to ejaculate inside you. Please talk to him and find out why is he not able to ejaculate inside you. What are the reasons - does he not enjoy the penetration or is he stressed out about something? Please ask him the reason, discuss it, and then try to solve this problem accordingly.

You can also try different positions - he might like one of them.

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