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Posted by Bawa

Hey love matter,

One of my frnd have bleeding in clots form with her private area..

So please suggest healthy products so that she can keep her private area clean by using them..

Is veet safer to use for this purpose?

moderator Bombay Sapphire

Bawa, what do clots have to do with keeping the private area clean - they are two different things. For the clots - she MUST see a doctor asap. No Doubt there. Please understand clots are somewhat normal during periods but if its too much and not related to periods - she has to go immediately - to a doctor
The comes the issue with keeping oneself clean with hair removing agents. So for that, actually just cutting hair is enough - as much as can come between two fingers. Other than taht is individual choice. Just be very safe and sure and careful. Do a test with any product before you use it in your 'private areas".
For now - first , Doctor.