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Posted by jazz

Hey there,

I want to ask my elder brother treating me badly like he abuse me and second thing when i want to do thing in my choice he always start questioning to me why i did that and all things. If i am saying anything intelligent. He just defame me like i am like animal and i dont have manners and all things and treat me like a slave. I want to know how can i stop this and he will start a mutual respect towards me.

Thanks in advance!

moderator Bombay Sapphire

BAD BAD BAD - he is a bully your brother. Where are your parents in all this? Is he much elder to you? How much age difference is there between you both. Please talk to your family about this asap. Its bad enough that they dont intervene.
Do you know, dear Jazz, that bullys are actually very insecure people. It is said that to make them stop - you have to shut them up. You have to scare them back - and really mean it. Like the next time he treats you badly or abuses you - you stop right there and tell him NO. he will get angry and be even worse - You again say a louder NO... and again and again. You may say your bit - like don't do that and leave the room - he may do it still - just keep up the hard work.
Now the problem is - he may hit you or hurt you, for which you need the help of your family and those around you... can you?
Jazz - speak to a counsellor on phone - speak to a helpline and see what you get to hear.
Write back whenever you want.
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