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Posted by Pranav

Hi aunty ji
I am pranav.Actually i want to ask you something.
My wife name is neetu and i have told you about the story of how we get married before with another account which i dont have now so i created this account. So we are blessed with a baby, which is inside her tummy. And i am very happy with it. So i wanna say that when we had sex and she release vaginal fluid everytime she get orgasm. And she like to sit on my mouth as she want me to lick her vulva which is messed with vaginal fluid so i just wanna know wheather its safe or not for me?

moderator love-matters

Pranav puttar,
It should be ok. Please read this article for more details. https://lovematters.in/en/can-i-drink-semen-breastmilk-urine