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Posted by Nehana

Hi aunty ji. I'm with my boyfriend for over an year now and he wanted to have sex. We were out on our vacation and we engaged in a lot of foreplay. I was totally turned on and very wet as well, but as soon as he tried penetrating me I just couldn't let him. I felt as if there was a rigid wall inside my vagina and if he tries to go beyond it , it will hurt me like hell. I just couldn't bear the pain and I didn't let him penetrate me. I also noticed that I was very wet but as soon as he tried to get inside after 2-3 seconds I turned dry again. Please give me suggestions on how to avoid pain and let him penetrate me

moderator Mod_Satya

Dear Avantika

It seems that you were not relaxed enough..

You may discuss this with him and consider some of these ideas- like mutual masturbation as foreplay (if vagina can take fingers, then you can be sure that sex is possible); pay enough attention to foreplay and lubrication; use additional lube, if you wish.. Sometime, him wearing a condom may help the penetration.

Mentally, if you both are relaxed, and have no worries, it might help greatly. Let him share a joke and make you both laugh. Slow and rhythmic deep breathing also sometimes helps..

You two may also want to discuss and choose a helpful position:

Talking about all this with your BF can be intimidating; but good communication is the key to good sex and here is some help:

Take charge!

Best wishes!

PS: If these ideas dont help, do consult a good doctor. Sometime, there may be medical reasons for pain during sex, which could easily be treated.


I would say that, kabhi na kbhi to krna padega na Nehana ji. Okay I that's nice that you had a good foreplay but try penetrating your fingers while foreplay. put it deep inside ur pussy. it may stretch your pussy a little bit and make way for his tool. As I'm also a Virgin I can understand your feelings dear. and according to a study doctor says that females have 10 times more sexual power and 5 times more pain tolerating power than men. So I believe that you are so powerful that you can overcome this fear. it pains for on 2-3 mins after that its just fun.
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