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Posted by Angel_shaikh

Hi I am 24 year old girl, originally from Mumbai, currently in Toronto, Canada.

4 months back, in December 2020 my mother made my account on shaadi.com, where I got a proposal from a 27 year old boy. I was already an international student in Canada waiting for my visa and he was from Canada too. Both of our parents spoke and we took things further. Our pictures were circulated and opinions were taken by each family member by both of us. We decided to get to know each other and made sure to call each other atleast once every day.

In January my visa arrived, I flew to Canada and met him. Within a week of spending time together, we both informed our parents that we liked each other and wanted to get married.

The only thing left was his family meeting me. My parents insisted they meet me soon so that we can take decisions based on that. His mother kept postponing it for various reasons. In the meantime, him and I got very attached and started planning our future together.

Finally his mother decided to meet me in March 2021( after 2 months of me being in Canada). She invited me to their place for dinner and it went well (for me atleast).

The next day I got a call from my guy telling me his mother didn't approve of me and we cannot take this further.

I really liked him and I never got any bad vibes from him. We both were happy together.

Will he come back to me? Should I wait for him? Should I hope for it?

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Angel_shaikh puttar,
first of all - lots of hugs to you! Beta I understand you are attached to him and feel really bad for his mothe not approving of you but beta - I do not feel this is normal for the mom to not meet you for 2 months and keep postponing it. Also, second thing that I did not feel right is that the boy never tried to convince his mother about you? Maybe he knew this that his mother had some other plans and he continued being nice with you and he did not want to make it awkward for you so soon. I also do not like the whole thing of boy not going forward with this only because his mother does not approve of you! I mean, if he really likes you and wants to be with you - you both are adults and could have taken this forward. But he chose not to - right? Which means this could be just an excuse and he is not telling you the truth. I suggest, however difficult it may sound for you now, please do not pursue this guy further. Please move on and out your self-esteem first. However, this is just my suggestion - I do not so many details - so please look at all the sides and then decide. I only know that is he has said no once, there is no chance of him coming back! All the best beta - take care. Read this - https://lovematters.in/en/love-and-relationships/breaking-up/getting-ove...