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kandula raju
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hi, i am 28 years old and single. i have a cousin sister who is 1 year elder to me beautiful and a divorcee for the past two years. she is a conservative woman. but when i am present she is not so cautious about her dressing and i can see her private parts. these gave me feelings to have sex with her.i dont know if she wants to have sex with me.can you give me some ideas about how to convince her. even she cant stay alone for long without sex as she is not even 30 and has lot of life after.and she has no plans of getting married again at any cost. what should i do? should i proceed or not? if yes, how should i proceed?



Oftentimes, we can easily project own thoughts and desires on someone else. It may be very well possible that you are reading too much into her behavior . Since you have mentioned that you are her cousin, she might not be mindful enough while changing her clothes. This cannot be construed or understood as her seducing you. She might care for you as one does for a family member. And so might be carefree in front of you.

"even she cant stay alone for long without sex as she is not even 30 and has lot of life after." - How are you assuming these things? Has she shared her inner feelings with you? Has she expressed a clear sexual desire towards you? If not, all these would be mere assumptions. Also this issue of convincing someone to have sex with you - this reeks of control and manipulation. If someone wants to have sex with you, they themselves will consent to it without you having to convince them of anything.

As regards, having sex with a close relative like your cousin sister, there might be a lot of social aspects to this issue. You might have to face a lot of societal resistance and problems due to this affair. Sex with a cousin is also considered a taboo in many (although NOT ALL) communities. Also, many things might seem interesting in fantasies but translating those desires into reality can cause some problems in the real world. You can read this article for more information on this topic : https://lovematters.in/en/news/should-i-have-sex-my-cousin

We hope you consider all aspects to this issue and then take a wise decision on it.

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kandula raju

thanks for your suggestion
may be i am in a misconception
thanks for the reply and i will follow ur suggestion