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Posted by anonymous516649


I am from new delhi.My fiance and i both are virgins.We do not have any experience of sex.

I am going to be married in a weeks time.I am very worried about below things.

1) My height is 5'5.Which brand and type of condom would be best for me on my first night??
2) Please also let me know Is there any thing availaible online which can provide me procedure for safe sex??? means any documentation etc ( matlab any video or something which is giving me procedure for safe sex during first night)

Please help me answer my above queries.I am very very worried about my first night.

moderator Mod_Satya

Dear Anonymous

The thought ("First Night") can be daunting.. but relax. Many have gone through it and survived - with great memories!
First thing- dont build up huge expectations. The first night is, essentially, same as subsequent nights. Sex may happen on 2nd, 3rd or subsequent nights.

It may be a better idea to relax, chat, cuddle, joke on the first night - getting to know each other at some depth. When ever sex "happens", try and keep your focus on your partner, what she likes or does not like - talk about it frankly. Trust your wife and let her take the initiative - whenever you are in doubt about the "procedure". See these links too for more ideas:


Regarding size of condom etc., check this link:

Best wishes to both of you!