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Posted by prateek

Hi , i am prateek. I am now 25 yr old. I am mastributing since when i was in 8 class. It means for 10-12 years.some times regularly or some time after 2 or 3 days later. Now i can see when my penis is in sleepy position it seems too short like h childs but when i go for sensation it incrrases to 5 inch. And when i mastribute my cum is like watery or smelling different. It is too sticky.plz help me hoe to keep my dick hard and bigger in sleepy position and increase cum and quality of it. Thanks

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Dear Prateek

Due to many masturbation related superstitions and myths in society, many people worry about these issues: effect on size and semen. But these are just myths, without any scientific basis. Masturbation continues to be a safe, healthy and common activity, to pleasure oneself. Some change in the consistency of semen, from time to time, is quite "normal". Please dont worry about these things. Check the following links, to learn more about it:


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