Posted by Kan Ika

I am in a relationship with a guy and we do not wish to get pregnant. Also we want to know how can and where can the copper T can be used. Is visiting a gynecologist the best option for having it. Also because I am not married does the doctor need to know it..?


No - the doctor need not know about this - but do have a response ready because you will be asked - in all probability.
That apart, a Copper T needs a physician - one cant do it themselves. The other issue is Kan Ika, that usually a Copper T is not easily recommended if you have not had at least one child - the reason being that copper, at rare times can impact fertility - or so it is maintained. So, be prepared for that discussion with the doctor too. Also do look up other options as well, how about OCPs or even better, Condoms?
All the best Kan Ika