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Hi I heard that their two openings in vaigina where should I insert our penis in vaigina. Can someone info bridge for wedding night activity etc or what. How we know wetty pussuy

moderator Kiran Ki Rai

Dear s.akram
As you say there are two openings, vaginal opening and a urethral opening. The urethral opening is to pass urine, while the vaginal opening is for vaginal intercourse and also for child birth.
As far as the wedding night activity, it all depends on you and your wife, any sexual activity requires her assent. Do consult her and make plans for your wedding night activity. It is perfectly normal that you postpone any activity that night and just get a good nights’ sleep as wedding are elaborate in our country and quite draining.
Regarding lubrication in the vagina, the wetness or lubrication occurs when the body is stimulated for sexual activity.
Using a condom is a must to perform safe sex.
Please do read these links.

All the best!

Kiran Ki Rai.