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Posted by Rajekumar

Hi mam
I have a small sized pennis
Which is fully covered by the skin
N that skin is not coming back not even an inch
Coz of this,wen I masturbate am ejaculate in just 10 to 20 secs

moderator Mod_Lindy

It sounds like you are coming earlier than you would like, this could be due to a couple of factors, not just your size of skin. In fact size or the foreskin do not really play a strong role in arousal or ejaculating. This often happens to young men who don't have a lot of sexual experience because they get very aroused very easily. With more sexually experienced men, it might be due to psychological problems, like fear, stress or depression.

Generally though go slow, enjoy the buildup of touching.Experiment, explore and try new things! The trick is really to keep masturbating so that you can learn your body better and understand how it responds, how it feels right before you release. That way you can control yourself, and not ejaculate so quickly in the future.