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Posted by Rjyoti

Hi mam, we are planning for a baby and i am trying to convince but we had unprotected sex from day 16 th of my periods its almost 14 day and now i m having some mahroon, brown discharge with white discharge.thete are some symptoms like constipation, lower Tummy,head and back pain and gastic can it be a pregnancy..
Or some changes before my mc my period date of last month is 9th aug please suggest some thing.


RJyoti, you have not mentioned which month you are referring to ... what does this mean ""16 th of my periods ( of which month) its almost 14 day "" - please specify of which month
You may want to take home pregnancy test as well - that ought to clarify matters.


16th day from the day my periods started. Ita almost 14 days from the day we started unprotected sex.


I m refering to this august month


RJyoti, just take a home test please. Its well over the days you had sex - you ought to see a confirmed result. Once done, let us know.