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Posted by Vadivel

Hi my problem is I love wearing women's dress. I get attracted to their dress. I started wearing Saree bra panty heels stocking necklace earing nose ring anklets even wig. I feel womanly but I love to wear. I took pic of mine and shared Un known persons in chat even I video call to show my assets and Saree dress. They cumm and mastrubating on me. They encourage to do more make up and other dress. Now I am getting married. I l can't leave this puzzle help me

moderator Bombay Sapphire

Yes its a very tough call , indeed. What are you going to do.? Also Vadivel, you "feel womanly", you say - how will you handle that with your wife? Is marriage a good idea for you?
You have a lot more decisions to make Dear Friend, marriage being the first to decide upon...after all it does involve another person and a LOT f other people.
Your other behaviors are still private - they don't effect anyone but you - as long as you can keep them private.