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Posted by PAVITARA_.pavi

How to convince my husband he not allowed me to wear backless blouses?

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PAVITARA_.pavi puttar,
Frankly, its your body! Do you allow him to wear tight pants/shirts/shorts? Or does he ask permission from you to choose any of his clothes? If yes, then do ask him, please. If he does not - then why do you want to ask him?

Also, if he has said no to you once, and is against this - then please talk to him. Tell him you like to dress this way. You can always carry a stole or a shall when you are in public - rest at home/party you can wear anything!

Usse baat to karni padegi - raise kaam nahi chalega - tell him ki tumko yahi achha lagta hai aur agar usko tumhari khushi pasand hai - to please woh tumhe mana na kare!


Thanks auntyji