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Posted by vimak1234

How do i ask a girl for sex? I don't want to look desperate but i really want to get laid

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vimak1234 puttar,
There is no shortcuts to sex really smiley You will have to start by hanging out with someone, knowing them a bit, and then getting to know them intimately before asking them this question about having sex with them. So you can always start by knowing someone, being friends with them for some time, knowing their likes, dislikes etc and then when you guys are close, you can make your intentions clear that you want to have sex and that's about it. It's a bit of a process really and depends from person to person. Some women might get intimidated by being asked to get intimate right at the beginning of dating each other and might get put off while others may even find your straightforwardness sexy!

You can avoid looking desperate by genuinely showing interest in a girl ( if you really are!) and asking her about her life, her day, what she prefers, dating her for some time and then after you both know each other - you do get the idea if you should pop this question of sex with her or not! it could be as simple as - hey i am really falling for you, and would like to get touch you and feel you -- But with your consent. OR it could be - I love our chemistry, and your eyes are beautiful/your smile is amazing etc ( flattery works - always) and ask her if she wants that! Consent is the key! If she says yes, loud and clear - then great! if no, then please do not pressurize her or keep asking same question in other ways. A forced yes is not a yes - just keep that in mind. Rest - friendship first always works! smiley All the best -also read out this article for more tips - https://lovematters.in/en/talking-about-sex-dos-and-donts