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Posted by farha

how long to break a hymen and how much does it hurts?


Dear Farha,

There is no need to "break" anything smiley Hymen is a membrane that partially blocks the entrance of the vaginal opening. During the first experience of sexual penetration, a hymen can stretch or get torn. But that is not always true. In reality, hymen can be stretched or torn in a lots of ways without even having any kind of sex.

If a woman is relaxed and sexually aroused, the intercourse doesn’t hurt. However, if the woman is very tense, the vagina can stay dry or tighten up. This increases the chance of the hymen tearing and intercourse being painful. The first time the woman might often be exited or nervous, so this can easily happen.

But if both the man and woman take their time, it doesn’t hurt. Also, if they use lubrication, the intercourse tends to be less painful.

For more information, do check: https://lovematters.in/en/resource/faqs-hymen-and-virginity

Thank you