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I am 23 years old & I slept with my gf in first time.... During that times I try to insert my penis into her vagina but I can't. I keep trying but the result is negative, so what can I do for that?

after this i m very upset... During seeing the Porn movies my penis is so straight and During Sex i m failed.... what can i do... ?

moderator Mod_Lindy

Im sorry that you had such a negative time when you tried to have sex. Sex is supposed to be fun and pleasurable for both you and her. I understand that you couldn't get your penis inside her - the question is what stopped you. My guess would be that your girlfriend was nervous. For a woman to receive a penis she needs to be relaxed, feel comfortable and have lots of lubercation.

For you that means you need to talk with her, make sure she is doing alright. Try to get insider her with a finger first and go slowly. Feel if her vagina is getting wet, if not you will then need to do more foreplay, oral sex or get some lube. Once she is feeling comfortable, relaxed and everything is properly wet you will be able to get your penis inside her.

Remember porn is like the movies, it is an exaggerated version of real life. In porn they edit out all the prep work, fails and embarrassing moments. Real life is messier than what you see in the movies and in porn.