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Posted by Aka9955

I am 25 year old boy had sex only once in life with call girl and that time I was drunk after that I regret that I did this but I had no option in other hand my life is so busy that I cannot manage to make girl friend and in now days i my mind think about sex every after every 2 mins I feel left over in this world I have no body to tell this problem and the things change in me is when ever I see a female I see her just as a sex object I dont know what happend with me but i feel anger from Inside for not having sex partner what to do please tell me


You are angry because you don't have a woman in your life? Or because you see each woman as a ""candidate"".
The former seems as if you are angry with the situation of not having a partner and the second one is as if you are feeling bad about having these emotions about women.
Id say. Chill Dost. No doubt - objectifying any Body - is not acceptable - and nor is this resentment that you are Missing Out.
When we meet women/ potential partners - do we see them as equals in a friendship or as sex objects. That's what you need to think about.
Also we always have an "option" - do keep that in mind as well.
All the best - take some time to sort out your thoughts.