Posted by arit

i am 27 year old. my neighbour aunty is 47. recently she has expressed desire to have sex with me for a baby. she has no children. moreover her husband has no problem with it. he is 48. should i start sleeping with her? they have agreed to keep the matter secret . moreover they have offered me their sex video and their nude pics to earn my trust.


Hello arit,
This is no joke friend, it is a matter of 'fathering' a child. Do you really think this may remain a secret? what if your parents or your future wife comes to know about it. How will you deal with it then?
Having sex so that the lady gets pregnant may take a long time.. it is not a matter of a few days. What if the woman actually falls in love with you in the process ? what if there is a blackmail or something like that? These are not simple matters dear friend. Give it a thorough thought, after all the decision is yours. We have give you some scenarios where such relationships run into trouble., do read this too. All the best.