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Posted by raj123

I am 33 yrs. Old married male. Married last year and I have issue with premature ejaculation .before marriage last year i consulted with a doctor and he recommended to take confido tab and vigomax forte twice a day for 6 weeks..I used to take for the period but I did not feel any much improvement and I stop medication.i am very worried about the situation since I used to discharge within few seconds.pls help and suggest

moderator Bombay Sapphire

Raj123, Greetings
We will not be able to help you with anything to do with medicines at all.
But PME is a common problem. The way we see it is if teh excitement is too high - PME will probably occur.
Try and pace yourself. Use foreplay to build up your partners level of excitement and yours after.
Use a condom - md way - if need be.
Try the stop start technique ( just look it up on the net - its well explained)
Masturbate once, before you are going to have sex - time it according to when you get your next erection.
Also dont give in to anxiety - that can cause excess problems to the situation.
See if all this works.
All the best.