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I am 34 year old male. Married with no kids. I feel like i am hyper addictive to sex and things associated like porn and masturbation etc. My family life is ok. But i feel like an empty space in my heart always. Feel ki koi GF ho or someone like that when i travel to metro cities as i am from a small town and my after schooling is from ncr. So i get a kind of blank space. I sometimes visit escorts to fulfil when i am out in some big cities. Even i think of dng that always i travel whether i am traveling for work or with family. Dont know what to do. Is this normal and how to handle it as i know its a very risky thing. I am on all dating sites looking for someone though i cnt meet still mann shaant nahi hota. Waise nvr found anyone coz i am not very good in looks so prefer having paid fun. Suggest what to do.

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kingsizesre puttar,
I understand what you are going through. First off, why don't you talk to your partner about your sexual fantasies and all the things you want to do? Have you ever tried that? Just get her in the loop and talk to her how you feel about not feeling fulfilled with sex in married life and wanting to try something new. Rather than looking for fun outside - maybe you can try out new things with her in the bedroom. Because, frankly, there is no harm really in trying out with her and see how things work. Take her to a new city, hire a nice hotel, take some time off - and do whatever you have on your mind. Maybe she also enjoys it and maybe she does not. But at least you tried - right? if you still feel that empty space in your heart and still feel that you are not satisfied, then try and find someone who you like. Paid fun, if you go for it, should always use a condom for your safety and also for your partner's safety.
Also, for your addiction to sex and porn, try masturbating daily because masturbation is a safe way to satisfy your sexual urges. You can also try some sex toys to spice up your married life - like a vibrator for her or something for yourself?
One last thing i would suggest you if - be physically active - go for running or jogging, a game of badminton or tennis, something that can completely tire you or exhaust you physically - this way you can divert your mind from thinking about sex all the time! https://lovematters.in/en/making-love/sex-problems-how-to-overcome-them/...