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Posted by Noname

I am attracted to elder women.
what should i do on that?


Dear NoName Attraction towards elder women is not rare and OK. But if the attraction is erotic/ sexual, you may want to consider a few issues and scenarios. What is your (and her- if she responds-) motivation? just a little "fun"? Or something else? If so, are you two sure that you are not under any pressure or obligation? Good relationships are free of manipulation and compulsion. It should be based on free and informed choices of both partners. Now consider some scenarios: Suppose you develop enduring attachment and want to marry her OR the other way around- she wants to go steady with you, marry you? Will there be some complications for either of you? How will it affect your career and future plans? Suppose, you two do go ahead- but can not have children for some reason? What about her current family, if any? How will it impact them? Lastly, are you at the age, to understand your own needs and its implications well enough? Have you consulted a trusted friend? In a nutshell, consider and discuss these issues before you think of acting out your "attraction to elderly women". Some things are better left to fantasies alone. We would love to hear more from you, Best wishes




Hello Rohit Raman,

Kripiya apna sawal poor karein!

Kiran Ki Rai.