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Posted by sas17

I am in love with my cousin(fathers mothers sisters sons daughter) for 15yrs . We know that society will not accept so we decided to stay single for life long. We postponed our marriages so far and all was good. Now her brother is forcing her to marry with someone else he would kill her and go to jail. He is not allowing her to remain single. We both are working and can lead our life independently. We can understand parents sentiment to get their children married. But that should be made to keep their children happy and not to force because society is asking about marriage of children's. Now the problem is, they are forcing her to marry which is not possible for us to bear this humiliations. Parents and that asshole brother are not listening. If we run away that will cause a damage to family and just because we don't want to hurt families, we decided not to run away and remain single. Now not sure how to deal with this situation.

moderator Bombay Sapphire

Sas17 - you are hardly closely related but yes in some families its seen as brother sister relationship. So now the thing is - this pressure to marry will mount even more as time goes by. you cant pretend that you are "single" for long - its already a well know secret,
You are saying they are forcing her - very common - its more so the woman who is on the receiving end. ell, brace up - you may NEVER get a permission - so then what? All your life Qarib Qarib Single? Thats fine too - as long as you are sure - BOTH of you