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Posted by pputkpan

I am male, 28 years age, but still virgin, reason behind this is majorly I am focused on my career, during my initial 21-22 age, I was engaged with a girl, but eternally, NO physical relation has been made.

But due to caste related problems, I couldn't marry her, but till now I respect her as good friend.

Is there any complexity being virgin till age of 28??


Of Course not. You know its a reverse sort of pressure which bears upon us to first be virgins and then NOT. Who is to decide who and when we should have sex. No one but you!
Now the bigger issue s - you broke up with a girl you loved, caste came in the way - I understand. Its a BIG binder, Caste. BUT, dont you feel that now that you are almost 30, you can consider making caste-less decisions too? Go Caste and Class free?
You are well placed in your career, afterall you have given it many years, you write well, you have respect for an Ex - all accomplishments!!
We wish you the best of lock and hope you will soon find, love, attraction, sex ( or not), companionship!!