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Posted by Anikavani

I am in a relationship with a guy since 9 years. We have not had sex yet. But we do talk about it. And I don't mind it. But recently I have come to know that he is excited about the thought of me having sex with someone else in a threesome. We are committed and this gesture is strange for me cuase I can't think of him being with someone but whereas the idea of me with someone excites him. How can it be. I suppose he should be jealous if he truly loves me. This has broken my trust and I feel like I don't like him that much anymore


Yes Anikavan, Threesomes can be difficult to understand - actually.
The fact that you both have not been intimate and he feels excited at the thought of a 3some is also very odd. 9 years is almost a decade.
So yes your confusion is very understandable . Maybe yu take a break for a while and see what you really feel for him, keeping this request apart... maybe you have grown out of him or mayeb he has - either ways - there has been a bit of a breach - Yes.
Think . read.


Is it possible that we are living in a casual relationship in the name of commitment?


ummm... am not sure what you are calling a casual relationship... Vs Commitment.
But you see, 9 years is a very long time, perhaps wise to review where and what this relationship means or is headed , if at all.