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Amritesh Nandan Mall
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I am suffering from man boobs.. whenever I take bath or pour water on chest they get back to normal ,also sometime they automatically get normal (while waking up) but after sometime (after half hour) they swell up....they keep swelling and contracting in some interval of time...but mostly are swelled up...what is reason of man boobs?? ..I am thin..any remedy?

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Amritesh Nandan Mall
Bete, there are several medical conditions that can cause this problem of breast enlargement in men. Reasons could be hormonal or some condition in your body which causes a change in the hormones. You can also try and do some chest exercises ( consult a physical gym or sports trainer) to build the muscles of breast. However, if the condition still remains same, it would be good to consult a registered doctor to examine the underlying causes and get a proper treatment to it. https://lovematters.in/en