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Posted by ARSS

I am a very simple boy..I don't flirt any girl neither in real nor at facebook or instagram.I don't force any girl to talk to me and I do not react much..So i want to know that for my simple and unreacted behaviour no any girl like me or It is something else??I feel sometimes like alone person..I want to share my feelings to someone bt As i am 27 years old so I hesitate to tell my mom or dad.. I think that I am a mature boy because i saw at social media some boys force the girl to talk to them bt i don't want to do such silly things..plz suggest me..


Dear ARSS,
IT is extremely nice of you that you dont force people to make conversation with you, some girls do like quiet boys, who like that they are left alone and not forced, such girls may begin talking to you, but this can happen when you meet people in person. also, if you do like some one do make it a point to make conversation. it is likely that online some girl may not notice your simple and shy nature.
Do emphaise that you dont like to force girls to talk just because boys want some conversation. it is a kind of harassment when other boys force girls to talk.
You can share your feelings with parents too, if you think they are receptive enough and do share your feelings with others also, but donot expect anyone to feel what you feel for them immediately. First extend the hand of friendship, then see how that goes before getting into a relationship. https://lovematters.in/en/love-and-relationships/meeting-someone/meeting..., read this link and there are other links on the website, do go through them and all the best to you.


Thanks for your valuable tips..I will try my level best to follow it.. Thanks a lot..


All the best ARSS. Do write to us whenever you feel like it.